Services Provided:

        • Scoping open ASCII file
        • Corrections done either via right into your job
        • Scoping with or without audio
        • Scoping with or without video


Rates and Times (Scoping rates include listening to audio):

Regular Turnaround - 5-7 Days        Depositions - $0.90 p/p        Video Depositions & Court Transcripts - $0.90 p/p

Expedited - 3-4 Days                        Depositions - $1.00 p/p        Video Depositions & Court Transcripts - $1.00 p/p

Rush - 24 - 48 Hours                         Depositions - $1.10 p/p        Video Depositions & Court Transcripts - $1.20 p/p

Overnight/Daily -Under 24 Hours    Depositions - $1.30 p/p         Video Depositions & Court Transcripts - $1.50 p/p

-Court transcripts require more time due to length.-

**Rates based on regular work with an average number of drops and un-translates.  Rates may be more if drops and un-translates are excessive, but you will always be notified before the job is scoped. **

1 minute of typing w/audio - $0.80 per typed page              1 minute of typing w/audio (next day) - $1.80 per/page

Delivery by email/fax/mail – FREE                                            Hand delivery - $0.50 per mile from my home



Payment and Conditions:

For each client, I have each client read, sign, and email back a complete copy of my payment terms along with a preference sheet and their contact information. By completing and returning this preference sheet you are agreeing to the payment terms listed below. I also institute a late fee if payment isn’t received by a reasonable date. My invoice states that payment is due upon receipt and payment is considered late after 15 calendar days.

Day 10- Friendly reminder email with a copy of the invoice attached.

Day 15- Another reminder letting you know that it is the due date and payment is now considered late with a copy of the invoice attached again.

Days 15-30- Continue sending reminders. It depends on the reply, or lack thereof, as to how often and the tone and tenor of the communications.

I accept payment through PayPal.  With PayPal, you may pay with a debit card, credit card, or with your bank account.

For the first four jobs, an invoice will be sent via PayPal after completion of each job, and payment is due immediately through PayPal.  Once a regular working relationship is established, invoices will be sent for completed work on the 1st and 15th OR every other Friday OR every Friday (your choice). 


Send all job requests through email or by phone.  I do receive text messages.  Please wait for a reply to guarantee that I can have the job done for you by the due date. 

I look forward to working with you!

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